6 Fashionable Seed Beaded Necklace Ideas

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Vintage Beaded Necklaces
November 13, 2020
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December 21, 2020
seed beads

Seed beads are a part of hand-stitched jewelry that includes materials such as glass and metal, which are available in diverse varieties, shapes, and sizes. Usually, glass seed beads are mainly-used in necklaces around the world that gives them an elegant look as it is preferred for their high quality of the product.

Seed beads are available in a circular shape, three-sided shape (triangle), six-sided shape (hexagon), and in the square to make a different type of jewelry as per the customer’s demand. Women love to use different sizes of beads in one necklace so that the light can pass through it and can shine bright in the sunlight. 

Over the years, the bead-makers have come up with different designs as women in European nations love to use these necklaces.

The variety in seed beads is huge, so it’s impossible to list every design idea here. But if you’re looking for some elegant seed bead design ideas, we have a few interesting suggestions for you:

Circular Seed Beads:

Circular seed beads are used frequently in decorating necklaces. These are generally placed in the style of the pendant in between the chain. The edges of the glass beads are so soft that it they can easily bend, making them good for use as bracelets as well.

Charlotte Seed Beads:

Czech Republic’s Charlotte seed beads are famous all around the world. These are generally available in a triangular shape or round shape.  One side of the round bead is flat, which is what gives the jewel the characteristic shine that it’s known for.

Square Seed Beads:

Square beads are beads made of one glass piece, which is used in the crowns of royal families and also as a piece of decoration. It has many holes in between so that it can be hung in the object with a tiny string.

Drop Beads:

Drop beads are a part of ancient jewelry such as those used in the time of Cleopatra. It has a shape like a water droplet which is attached to the string to give it the shape of a necklace. Nowadays, women use these beads in different layers to look more gorgeous.

Bugle Beads:

Bugle Beads are long tube-like structures that are circular or oval from the middle. It is very thin in shape. These come in different sizes of 15 to 25mm and is mostly used as earrings in jewelry. 

Delicia Seed Beads:

Miyuki Delicia seed beads come in a cylindrical shape, which is stitched with different materials to be used as a weaving material. It is a high-end product, which is made in Japan and widely used around the world. These types of beads are also used in many beading projects in the textile industry.


Whatever bead you choose, keep in mind that you select an appropriate long-lasting wire to stitch these beads like nylon wire, so that it doesn’t look untidy and can manage the weight of many beads attached to it.  Professionals recommend not dyeing these beads as they may lose color and even the permanent marks on glass beads over time.

There’s no doubt that seed beaded necklaces add elegance to the person wearing it, so go ahead and transform your looks with a glamorous bead design!

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