Decorative Medallions Exterior Ideas

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Decorative Medallions Exterior Ideas

As years pass, more and more designs for decorative medallions are getting popular and widely used all around the world. When renovations or redecorations take places at one’s home, people tend to focus on things like furniture, floor tiles, and repainting. However, if you want to make to do something different for your house renovation, consider decorative medallion exterior ideas.

Exterior Medallion Ideas

Wall Medallions

Wall medallions are made from different materials, and you can choose any based on your liking. Magnesium medallion plaques, for instance, are stone medallions that can be hanged on a partition. These medallions can be made multi-coloured to make a decorative statement and used near stone or marble tiles to give the whole wall a Roman feel.

Another type of exterior wall medallion is the sunburst style. These are made of copper, with a shiny ball-type structure in the middle as a centrepiece depicting the shape of the sun. The tendrils coming out from the centre ball can be pointing straight out or bend at several points to make for different designs.

The next type is the wood medallion wall decor which has a wooden body with a touch of the golden colour. The shape of the medallion has a layout which allows much light to pass through to make a warm and light environment. The medallion is mostly used on high floor windows to let light pass through and give an attractive vibe.

Floor Medallions 

Floor medallions are another decorative mural which are widely used. These floor medallions are used on stone or marble floor with different designs and patterns. One of these is the marble medallion which shows a palmette motif on a background colour which suits the design. This medallion design can be used outside the main door or in kitchens or bathroom.

Another floor mural which you might have seen a lot is the mosaic mural portraying Greek gods or sundials. The murals are made of natural stone and tiles which are usually for outside the house. These types of murals are used a lot in museums.

Ceiling Medallions:

Ceiling medallions never go out of fashion. Although not exactly an exterior medallion idea, ceiling medallions can add an elegant look to your house. These are mostly used for chandeliers, ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Simple and boring light fixtures can be changed entirely and made unique and beautiful to look at just by adding a medallion to it. Indoor ceiling medallions are used by people who are looking to make use of these medallions to have an ornate feeling for their formal dining room. When used in the middle of a room to support a chandelier, they are eye-catching and fill up space with elegance.

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