How to Make Beaded Necklaces

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Jewelry making is a feasible low investment business for hands-on creative. Apart from this, making your own jewelry can be fun for a lot of reasons: in addition to the fact that you get to tap into your innovative side, you likewise get the opportunity to make something diastinct and unique that mirrors your own style. Plus making beaded necklaces is very simple and easy.

In this blog we’ll cover all the steps along with some tricks on how to make simple yet beautiful necklaces in three parts.

PART 1: Getting started

Before starting, it is always more suitable to have all the necessary tools and materials within reach: beads, flexible beading thread, wire cutter, crimp beads, super glue and closures. Next, you ought to decide and choose the type of necklace you would want to make by considering factors, for example, its length: whether you want it short or long and correspondingly its style: whether you want a choker which is the smallest, a collar which is a little longer or a lariat which is the largest of all.

PART 2: Choose the design and layout

To discover the best design, have a go at playing with the beads by randomly arranging them on a flat surface like a table until you find what the best is. Next, choose a cord with an appropriate thickness according to the type of beads that you’re using. That is either you want to use a nylon cord which is less prone to tangling or a silk one. Then try out different color variations of the beads and the cord. If you want, you can even go for contrasting colors. After this, try determining the length of your necklace with the beads using a bead board and cut your determined length of the cord/beading thread with 6 inches extra for some space between beads so that they do not rub against one another.

PART 3: Start making your beaded necklace

Before moving the design onto the beading cord there are some starter steps to be followed in order to keep the necklace safe. You can start by sliding one bead onto the string and then a crimping bead and then another bead. Next, place one end of the clasp after the crimping bead and make a loop with the stinging material. Now thread the end of the stringing material through the clasp section. Then add another bead-crimp-bead combination, using the chain nose pliers to keep the beads into place. To prevent the necklace from breaking, put a dot of super glue on either end to ensure that the beads and crimp stay on. Now finally, you can shift your design onto the beading cord once you’re satisfied with the design. Make sure to use the right needle to insert beads one by one and add an end to the necklace using a clasp. Next, try to push the remaining stringing material into the bead holes below the crimping bead. Make sure the stringing material is not kept too tight. Always leave a small amount of slack in the necklace of about 2-4 mm or 1/4 inch so that there is room for the beads to move and rotate. Lastly, using cutters crimp the second end and cut the stringing material. With this you’re done!

The Final Word

Jewelry making is often a long process. However, it can be thought of as a good source for idle hands to start up a small business. To begin, all you need are the supplies and then wait for the creative side in you to do the rest. Once you get into the right rhythm, I’m sure you’ll find it so much fun.

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