How to make wood burned Medallions?

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Wood Burned Medallions

All You need to know About Wood Burned Medallions
The art and craft of wood burning otherwise called pyrography has been around for quite many years now and it is still practiced across the globe. It is easy to get started with and enhances the beauty of wood.

Wood burning is utilized in all kinds of art from simple embossed wood shapes to more advanced portraits, quotes and sketches. Apart from all these, wood burned medallions are quite famous too.

In the article, let’s cover some basic steps and tips to help you master in creating your own customized wood burned medallions.

How to make wood burned Medallions?
Wood burned medallions are basically designs embossed on burned wooden medals. Wood burning is an age-old technique where a heated metal pen is used to burn wood, leaving behind a decorative pattern on a medal which is then used in custom wood flooring, ceilings and most commonly as ornaments.

In a nutshell, wood burned medallions are striking, unique and beautiful in their own way. So let’s walk through the designing steps of the wood burned medallions.

Gathering all the supplies needed:
Getting a lot of tools and supplies is not needed, instead getting the right tools is important. The following list includes all the necessary tools you require getting started:

Wood burning pen
Wood (preferably soft)
Carbon or graphite paper
Sand paper
Moist paper towel
Once you have these tools, just let your imagination run wild by designing a variety of wood burned medallions. You have two options: either you directly draw the design onto the wood with a pencil or you can first trace the design on a paper and then transfer your design onto the wood. And you’re ready to burn!

Getting familiar with the tools:
The very first thing you need to do before getting started with a project is to get familiar with the tools.

Some additional points to keep in mind:
Try using a wet or moist paper towel to wipe off the end of the tip every once in a while to prevent the residue from the wood to build up.
Ensure that the pen is set at an appropriate temperature and is not too hot.
Always be mindful of safety.

Select and prep the wood:
When you’re done gathering the tools, go on selecting the right piece of wood. The wood should be such that it gets chipped easily with the wood burning pen. For this very reason, using soft wood is a lot easier and convenient as it burns quickly also makes it easy to gently etch designs on the surface of wood.

After you’ve chosen the wood, the next step is to prep the wood where you will want to thoroughly sand the wood surface. Make sure to remove all the dents to ensure a smooth and even surface to work upon. Then cut it into required shape.

Pick a design:
You can choose or create any design you like, but there are some factors that need to be kept in mind. Just try to keep them simple and not too complicated. You can easily free-hand draw your design straight onto your wood or get it printed. Once you’ve chosen the design, work on getting it in the right size.

Trace the design:
Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can move it onto the wood surface. There are several ways to do that. One way is to place the design facing downward on top of the carbon paper and trace the outline of the design onto the wood using a pencil. For best results, try drawing in long, flowing motions using medium pressure. Mistakes can be quickly removed with an eraser. Another way is to print your design first, ideally on a laser printer, and later tape the pattern to your wood. Then, heat up the tip of wood burning pen and run it slowly and smoothly over the pattern of ink on the paper. With this, the image should move onto the wood. Patterns and designs can likewise be easily projected onto the wood pallet. The projection can also be easily reduced or enlarged before traced.

Burn the design:
Now that you have all the supplies and have chosen the suitable wood, prepped it, transferred your design onto its surface, you’re ready to start the burning. This is the point where you need to be super cautious. Heat and set the temperature of the pen. Start by tracing over all the lines in the design. The key is to go slow and keep your hand steady. Don’t be jerky or wait too long as that would cause the spot to become dark and deeper.

After tracing all the lines, start adding the finer details. Continue with the shading process by starting out light and slowly moving towards darker shades. Next, add all the finishing touches you like to finish the edges.

Finish it up:
After you’re done with the shading and other detailing, apply polyurethane, oil or wood stain on the burned wood to make it last longer. Allow it to sit and dry. And now you have your very own wood burned medallion ready!

A few tips:
Make sure you’re working in a well-vented and safe area.
Avoid inhaling the toxic fumes or the dust by wearing a mask while working.
Avoid contact with flammable materials.
Use of heat-resistant gloves.
The Final Thought
Wood burning is both fun and productive. You always enjoy the type of pieces you create with the urge to create more!

Wood burned medallions is now a separate industry allowing to add value to different already existing market products without doing too much extra work. They are beautifully included in home décor, jewelry making, customized keychains, button making and so much more. Crafting your own wood burned medallions is truly an admirable piece of artwork, sure to leave your family and friends awestruck. With a bit of practice, you can easily master the technique.

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