Medallion & Necklaces Design

Here is a collection of some of our most popular and high-selling bead necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Click on the images to enlarge. Once an image is enlarged, you can explore the whole portfolio by clicking the arrows on the extreme right and left. This allows you to easily see the entire portfolio so that you can find the product that best appeals to you. The portfolio runs the gamut from bead sets, just beads, just medallions, and medallion necklaces to Wakanda necklaces. This page will introduce you to our range of products so you’ll get a pretty good idea of the kind of bead sets and medallions we have in stock. If you don’t see any designs that stand out to you, no worries! Simply head over to our medallion design tool and make your own custom design. We’ll use your custom-made medallion and attach it to a bead set of your choice so you can acquire exactly the product you’ve been searching for.