To ensure that we have something for everyone, we also offer just beads. These are perfect for use as necklaces for yourself or as a gift to your loved one(s). Choose from our multi-colored beads, which are the popular kind among our customers, or go for a more sophisticated and elegant look with the pure black wooden bead design. All bead products use high-quality, durable elastic cords that will easily last you a lifetime if you take care not to stretch them too much. You can sort the beads by popularity, price, or by the latest products that have we’ve added to our stock. After finding the right bead that resonates with your personality, you can amplify the allure by also ordering a medallion to be attached to the beads. You can choose a medallion from our collection of ready-made designs or craft a custom-made medallion of your own using our online designing tool. Go through our portfolio to find the perfect medallion design to go with your preferred beads or simply make a custom-designed one for yourself.

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