Our medallion necklaces are the specialty of the house. These ready-made medallion necklaces are attached to beads bound by an elastic cord. Go for the classic ankh medallion necklace or try the composed elegance of the world peace necklace. You can also get a medallion necklace carved in the shape of your initial. Whichever design you choose, we guarantee superior quality of the medallion necklace that will last you a lifetime if you use it with love and care. The medallion can be unattached to your bead set and attached with another. So if you get bored with the current bead set, you can simply choose another one later and attach the medallion to it. You can sort these medallion necklaces by popularity, price, or how recently they’ve been added to our collection. We keep the price tag low and affordable to cater to all kinds of customers.

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