What Kind of Necklace Chain is the Strongest?

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Necklace Chain

A necklace’s strength depends on its material and how interconnected the links are. With many choices available, it can be difficult to know which chains to go for. Some are sturdier and some are just visually appealing to behold. Depending on what chain you choose, the overall feel of the necklace can be very different.

It is a no-brainer that a necklace’s strength is closely correlated to its durability. The shape and size of the interlocking patterns of the chain define its strength firmness. Some of the toughest chains are Rope Chains, Wheat Chains, Curb Chains and Cable Chains.

Rope Chain

Rope Chain is a very heavy chain, thin in terms of its diameter. It holds segments that are connected in twos or threes, entangled in a twisting pattern. It is quite a popular choice among both men and women. However, for long term use, Rope Chain may eventually wear off with prolonged use. This is due to its relatively low stretching limit and tensile strength. Nevertheless, compared to other materials for stringing necklace together, Rope chain is relatively inexpensive and reasonably strong.

Wheat Chain

When it comes to Wheat Chain, it holds four strands of twisted oval links. The chain is preferred by the male demographic, but the women have a fondness for it as well. Thanks to how intricately it is interlocked and twisted, separating the notes is a daunting task. Thus, the chain is hardy and a very reasonable option. Naturally, the chain will not develop kinks through its lifetime.

Curb Chain

Curb Chain is a very admired choice in chains. Curb chains used to be worn only by men for a long time but in recent years curb chains are being made thinner so that it can suit women’s fashion. The thick curb chains are very heavy and durable.

Cable Chain

Cable Chain is the most common type of chain, found abundantly at most jewellers. These come in all widths and thickness extent so either gender can wear it. Resembling an iron anchor for ships, this may not be the most fashionable, but we can surely bet on its strength. If we were to pick a single unbreakable chain, it would be the Cable Chain.

The Final Word

To summarise, necklace wearers can choose from materials of steel, gold and iron pertaining to various types of chain. Often, the thinner and more fragile a chain is, the more alluring it might be. This usually calls for a compromise on strength in favor of beauty. However, if it is the brute durability you require, then Cable, Wheat, Curb and Rope chains are some of the toughest materials for linking your necklace.  Therefore, an inexpensive and light material can be used to make a very rigid chain. The only thing to take note of, is the tightness of the interlocking pattern.

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